Helping My Student In Math

Math Question

To encourage your child to continue to grow in the area of math, please consider the following ideas. These tips will help build numeracy and problem-solving skills in all learners.

  • Be positive about math. Express confidence in your child's ability to do math.

  • When your student completes homework, have them choose 1 to 2 problems and explain how they solved the problem to you.

  • After your student answers a math problem, ask, "How do you know?"

  • Encourage your student to talk about math during family activities:
    • When ordering a pizza, talk about fractions.

    • When cooking, have your child measure and make conversions.

    • Try to come up with more than one solution for everyday problems.

  • When your student completes a multiple-choice question, have them choose an incorrect answer choice and explain to you the error.

  • If your student struggles with a word problem, have them read the problem without the numbers first. Ask them to explain what's happening in the situation.

  • Using calculators can help your student check their answers.

Tiles Within Clever That Provide Additional Resources/Support for Math

  • DreamBox provides targeted math lessons for students in Grades K-8, Algebra 1, and Liberal Arts 1

  • CPalms offers math tutorials by grade level.

  • iReady provides math lessons based upon student performance for grades K-5 and selected 6-8 students.

  • Khan Academy provides math tutorials and practice.

  • Desmos Graphing Calculator allows secondary students to see graphs and equations visually.

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